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Well well well, after a much deserved break we’re back FULL THROTTLE with 21 kick arse tracks that make up for the past few weeks of virtually no new tracks. We do apologize for releasing this Sundaze #103 on a Tuesday. But we figured you would of wanted to show off back at school, or even just chill with these new songs. So here it is, and we’re back 100% now with our features over at Part Time Wizard, our ever popular bundle of tracks distributed every Sunday and Paul Grelet, being as busy as ever couldn’t make it for this one, so he’ll be back hopefully next week when things calm down on his side ! Anyway we do hope you’ll enjoy this hour and a half of blissful treats you can spin below, download individually (“right-click > save target as”… on the track from the playlist below) or download the whole .ZIP bundle by clicking on the yellow button below.

Hasta La Vista dudes, dudettes.


Sundaze #103

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