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Ok. you might just think it’s a post overload… but really it isn’t. We post as our little frail heart falls in love with band and artists as we discover them… And this time round, it only took two demo tracks and a single released in May 2014 on Double Sun Recordings to make our minds up. Let us introduce Hey Elbow to our fave frenchies :

Malmö, Sweden is where you’ll be heading next while you listen to these three absolutely amazing tracks we’ve managed to scoop for you on the interwebs and have them streamable here. It’s beautiful songs with a Beach House-esque twist to them. Pretty, delicate and music that makes us want to take a cloud bath or levitate up there with those perfect Disney clouds and a pair of noise cancelling Bose headphones… You know the feeling right ?

Hey Elbow‘s debut album is due to be released via Double Sun Recordings in the autumn of this year, meanwhile please share and start spreading these awesome dollops with your friends.

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Hey Elbow was formed a couple months into 2013 by Ellen Pettersson (horns, electronics) and Julia Ringdahl (vox, guitar) with Liam Amner on drums; adding what was missing. The trio makes dreamy, experimental pop with strong melodies and a massive soundscape. The sound and passion from the members of the trio is found in the totally uncompromising way of expressing themselves in the parts they play. Therefore the music is a third of each member and has been compared to the work of Chelsea Wolfe and Portishead.” – via Double Sun Recordings

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