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Amerigo Gazaway’s Soul Mates series keeps the same recipe of his previous work in creating collaborations that never actually happened. Indeed, 26 year-old Nashville native producer Amerigo Gazaway in the same fashion as Danger Mouse back in the Golden Age of his Grey Album (remixing the Beatles with Jay-Z ans successfully putting himself on the music scene at the same time) as managed to come up with a music epiphany. Gazaway seems to have brilliantly perfected the art of mashing up blending two tracks into one. In fact it is more along the lines of two album that should of never crossed path, finally put together by one illuminated mind and (re) mixed into something new, a remixed album of undeniable awesomeness I just discovered thanks to one of my homies back in Toulouse, France (Thanks Alex).

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“Collaborations That Never Were.”

[button color=”red” text=”white” url=”http://soulmatesproject.bandcamp.com/album/yasiin-gaye-the-departure-side-one-radio-edits” window=”_blank”] DOWNLOAD : Yasiin Gaye : The Departure [/button]

So. With the presentations done, what’s left to do ? I guess you REALLY need to hit that play button ASAP. You’ll love the way Gazaway blends two monuments of modern age music together into this soothing mixtape… Like a story left untold, and now playing in your earholes.

[title subtitle=”by Amerigo Gazaway”]Yasiin Gaye : The Departure (Side One)[/title]

This is a mega-post. I know. However for all the genius, time, and effort put into them, it’s only fair to give credit where it is due. My favourite from The Departure (Side One) will have to be “Peculiar Mathematics” standing at track 8 and “Ms. Fat Booty”. Along with “Inner City Travellin’ Man for good measure.

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On the Soul Mates series’ latest installment, Amerigo unites Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def) and soul legend Marvin Gaye for a dream collaboration aptly titled “Yasiin Gaye”.

Building the album’s foundation from deconstructed samples of Gaye’s Motown classics, Gazaway re-purposes the instrumentation into new productions within a similar framework. Carefully weaving Bey’s tangled raps and Gaye’s soulful vocals over his new arrangements, the producer delivers a quality much closer to an authentic collaboration than a lukewarm “mashup” album.

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