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All photo credits go to Sophie Jarry. Sophie is a renowned french portraits/live photographer in the music scene around Europe. She will be covering the entire Pitchfork Music Festival Paris with us this weekend… Thanks again Sophie ! Truly appreciated… Guys, share this post around….

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Now MOGWAI. I was told the outfit is a Hate it or Love it affair. Although we had the chance to experience some good sides, the sound system was way too loud in my humble opinion. Even with the venue at near full capacity, the distortion and guitars were so friggin’ loud at climax that it took away some of the enjoyment. I had never seen them live, and this set wasn’t the best of the night. If you went to grab a pint, down a pill or stuff a hot-dog during that set, it’s OK with us. You did not miss anything extraordinary. The preceding band The War On Drugs was way better in comparison. Loved the good vibes they inflicted to the crowd. Pictures by Sophie Jarry above…

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