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Upbeat indie-dance track "In Our Band" from Kentish Fire is a tongue-in-cheek take on the highs and lows of playing in a cover band, en route to rock stardom. Kentish Fire have an anthem here. Listen ! Sing along and spread the love.
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Everything we’ve missed this week, but deserves a little exposure. We’re getting hammered by emails, our inbox is suffering, but it’s for the best. We just recently got accepted in the Hype Machine index so people are flocking in and leaving hot tips for us to discover.

However, with the amount of music I have to spin, I can only select a few to do write ups on – it’s a one man-operation here, and my grey cells are dwindling by the hour – so here’s a little weekly bonus selection of music we haven’t had the time to cover but like nonetheless those one liners is where I usually start my posts. It’s packed with the latest tracks, gems, and dancefloor goodness you’ve come to expect from Sodwee.com. HIT PLAY NOW, Relax :

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Casper Cult just released their debut EP ‘Domesticated’ (December 1st) via DryCry Records. They’re a duo formed in 2013 down under, in MelBourne (Australia). They produce some gentle organic soundscapes, and have that DIY approach to creating the music. Producer Dylan Hill and vocalist Alisha Linsdell likek to focus on organics, the manipulation of raw sounds, and minimal synthetics.

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Power-vocal melodies, great songwriting, and delicate lyrics are abundant in Ajimal‘s discography. Testament to the relentless nature is his latest offering “Nothing Touches Me” he released on a split 12″ single with his friends from Tessera Skies…. Ajimal is a shape-shifting collaborative project led by Newcastle’s (UK) Fran O’Hanlon which specialises in grandiose haunted pop.

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Reigen is the first artist signed at BWCK records – an imaginative, soulful, singer-songwriter-producer.  He just dropped “Come Back To Me” and distinctive rich vocals, heartfelt lyrics. Reigen Miller, his civil name, comes from New York, United States. Listen below, it’s also a FREE DOWNLOAD :

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From Kid are from Switzerland, and are offering “Underground” from their upcoming album due out on the 30th of January 2015 as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch deliver warm, embracing electro pop.

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‘Hunter’ from is the new single from Berlin based songwriter, musician and producer Still Parade aka Nikals Kramer. The track draws excellent memories from the inner workings of our brains in this cold weather. Gentle vocals over simplistic percussions. ‘Hunter’ is being released today as a stand alone free download track.

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So much groove from Royce Wood Junior and his just released EP ‘Rover’. And more specifically, the “Basin” track below, give this a spin and tell us we’re right. The 4-track EP was written, produced and recorded by RWJ, and comes ahead of his forthcoming debut album in Spring 2015, titled: The Ashen Tang.

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ErolFlynn‘s ‘Your Last Song’ featuring New Gang is just another brilliant release. Love the soulful voice, and the production backing it. Listen below :

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