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Woodini - Gone EP - Sodwee.comThank the lords for the endless supply of wacked out definitions by the Urban Dictionary, I have now fully assimilated the meaning of the play on words “Houdini”. Which takes for reference one of the greatest 1920’s magicians and where Woodini, the artist we’ll be blabbing about here, takes inspiration for his nickname.

Woodini has dropped a new single named “Ella” and will release the track along with the rest of the material on June 8th with the good people over at Green United Music.

This will be the third project to go public for Woodini, crafting sensual numbers with a soulful edge while remaining as much on par with the actual British chill-electronic scene. The frenchman inflicts a dependency to his music. The fix being the repeat play of the track in fact, he manages to seed some precious hip-hop vibes, a pounding beat mixed in with some truly hypnotic voice performance by Safe Travel.

If you like my taste and the sound of addictive groove lines, you’ll totally dig Woodini‘s “Ella” featuring Safe Travel. Snuggly stored in between Mount Kimbie and Sampha (check his beautiful featuring on Emile Haynie’s track with Charlotte Gainsbourg here), in your newcomers crate, Woodini should be well acquainted with the rest of the posse.

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”other noteworthy tracks by Woodini”]

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