Lia Lia liaises with her illustrious oligarch in OLYMP

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Ski masks and spätis star in Lia Lia‘s debut video (one of her video friends even steals some Pringles from an innocent shop-owner – don’t try this at home). The name stands for Live Impact Area Legacy Interface Adapter… let’s hope there are no stray wires around, what with all that gin being poured willy-nilly.

As far as I can tell, “OLYMP” is about getting off your ski mask on a hot Berlin night, in an attempt to forget about the untreated STD you got last night in a darkroom at Pornceptual.

The protagonists play ‘Gin Face’ (or perhaps just like it raw) in a carpark, likely after robbing a Neukölln vintage store. Debauchery seems to be the name of the game. ‘It’s a T… It’s a T…’ goes part of the song: maybe it’s troilism, tremendum, or titivation. Who knows? Make sure to explore all three with this on the background.

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Last modified: April 14, 2017

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