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It’s unbearably hot, even at these unholy hours of the night and in the midst of a sweaty summer season. Yes, talking about the weather again. Craving some fresh downpour and that quintessential whiff from those Parisian rooftops, streets and greasy rubber tyres cooling off to the god-given gift a moment like that brings to the French capital.

Well we have partially achieved that goal yesterday, with the discovery you’re about to listen to. The up-and-comers Emily Ady, and Liam Fergus behind the band named Le Son, come from sonically thriving South London (Formation and many others). The pair deliver exactly the same kind of feeling a downpour does on a steamy hot day in Paris.

Bringing a sense of well-being for a few minutes. Leaving all those worries behind for the short lapse of time until the storm clears. Letting the drenched tourists (the only two-legged species left in Paris, mid-August… and myself) to dry off as quickly as we got soaked thanks to the blistering sun we have on offer these days.

Emily Ady and Liam Fergus met while studying popular music at Goldsmiths, University of London and have been writing for close to two years. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the talented pair over the next months as new material is being baked. The cookies have not yet risen. We’ll of course keep an eye on the jar for ya’ll. And let you know when you/we can feast our ears on some new nuggets. In the meantime you MUST listen to these two track below and add them to your social profiles… Enjoy.

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