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[dropcap letter=”I”]s summer really “over” in the USA? Perhaps not ever in Southern California, especially since Norwegian Compton-based Mr Little Jeans released “Waking Up” in September. This is one existential tune that makes listeners feel like they’re on a hot air balloon ride to a place where clouds are tangible. Monica Birkenes, aka Mr Little Jeans, has had a busy year since her entrancing 2011 Arcade Fire cover of “The Suburbs. Her music filtered through Hollywood screens, and she released her debut album Pocketknife last March, growing in talent and life experience. “Waking Up” is like that joy ride out of the busy cityscape into valleys and mountains where the horizon is endlessly blue. Visit her Soundcloud to download the track. (Send Monica lots of love and “Get Well Soon” through her channels as she’s just had a foot injury.)

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