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Listening to Sampa The Great‘s really dope mixtape ‘The Great Mixtape’ just confirms one thing : Here’s a brilliant artist with a flow like no other and poised sensibilities. Also blessed with a calm attitude, Azealia Banks could very well learn from!

With inspiration from Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and the likes. “The Great Mixtape” is the wobble Australia needs to turn over their hip hop scene. And put some great talent forward in this field. Sampa was born in Zambia on the African continent and is now based out of Sydney and signed to Melbourne’s very own Wondercore Island label. Follow her musings on the interwebs and listen to this very soulful voice/lyrics :

It’s a search for creativity, laughter, purpose and rhythms.

– Sampa the Great describes her astonishing debut release.

“The Great Mixtape” is available for streaming and download via Wondercore Islands’s bandcamp.

Follow Sampa The Great on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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