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Matt & Will Ritson form the South London duo Formation (brothers, IRL) and managed to snag a record deal with Meno Records earlier in the year. After fiddling with all the right strings and warming up on a first European Tour, including pro-eminent festivals across the UK and mainland Europe. They have already released a debut EP called “Life Goes On” to much of the blogosphere’s frenzy ! We are glad to relay the fact that Formation is set to rock the winter stages all across Europe once again as they hit the road in support of their second EP named “Under the Tracks”, also produced by Leon Vynehall from Brighton (UK), no less.

“All The Rest Is Noise” is the first single to be released in anticipation of the second official released. But was once on a white label pressing before they had signed and wasn’t complete with Vynehall’s housy golden touch of course. It was our favourite track of that release. And still is our favourite track so far by the band… Listen to the dopeness instead :

Make sure you keep a close eye on the news for these little music geniuses. The pair have not yet released an Album but have already opened for FOALS on their last tour. And visited pretty much every city in mainland Europe. And even confessed to be IN DIRE LOVE of my home country : go figure…

Anyway here’s a recap’ of the tracks they had previously released :

[title maintitle=”FORMATION LIVE – In Pictures” subtitle=”Photos by Michela Cuccagna”]


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