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Long time reader of our blog? You’ll probably remember the Brooklyn-based trio The Visions we had covered with their smooth, funky and soulful track “Oceans”. A brotherly duo with their best friend made up of Ben and Michael Shugarman, along with Ryan Brooks who write, produce, record and perform all of their music. It’s a sleek blend of pop, funk and a unique songwriting style stuck in the moment. Yet well aware of their musical heritage and wanting to define their own.

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The Visions‘ newest track “Lookin’ For Ya’ touches upon the topic of loss. The moment when a relationship falls apart and two people go their own ways. The subsequent loneliness that occurs… Here’s some added insight by the band:

A lot of times it’s not clear why it happens but everybody knows that lonely feeling. Growing up we had an aunt who always said this little prayer to St. Anthony whenever somebody lost something so we thought we’d try slipping it in at the end of the song and it worked out.

Listen to “Lookin’ For Ya” (or on Spotify with the link above) and follow The Visions on their socials too (links further down)…

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