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The blend of trap and chill from producer Saen. is a prime example of how music is rapidly becoming genre-fluid. Saen. hit the spotlight with their magical transformation of Arctic Monkey‘s “Do I Want to Know?” Bringing about an emoji quit like seeing your friend in her wedding dress for the first time. A talent that’s could be the “Cinderella effect” of music as Saen.‘s remixes all have a signature style, blending trap, chill and a use of angelic vocals.

Check out this recent remix of YouTuber xoJustJulia‘s “Plastic Doll.” Originally an acoustic tune, Saen.‘s version “Plastic Doll” is an electronic lullaby filled with midnight vibes. The smooth remix doesn’t take away the song’s messages about the media’s exploitation of women today. It elevates it like jazz on a starry night. Keep an eye out for more of Saen. ethereal works in the future. But for now, listen to the “Plastic Dolls” below:

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