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Pica Pica is an artist collective, collaborating to produce music, videos and artistic performances. They come all the way from Stockholm in Sweden. However the main core, the spine of this collective is comprised of songstress Ida Segersten, Stylist-artistic designer Claes Mikael Svensson and finally Producer and songwriter Slateside. From the few tunes we’ve heard so far, it is clear to us that this ensemble of artist will take Europe by storm… From the northern parts of Scandinavia, to the mediterranean and beyond. That’s all the success we hope they’ll achieve. In the meantime do enjoy the exclusive video premiere of their video for track “Isolated”. We loved the dark, obscur approach to the lyrics.

Lights will burn my skin tonight

The costumes and direction of the video recalled one of our favorite Bat For Lashes’ music video, “Daniel” a while back… Remains still quite a vivid memory. Ida’s voice taking over this time to lead you through this progression. From monochromatic landscapes paired with a deep voice and piano. To colorful graffiti walls and spray painted backdrops via a galloping horse riding alongside a powerful plea and stomping percussions to an isolated bride followed by a shadow/widow ? Who knows, you could translate the meanings so differently that you really need to be viewing and following this group of talented minds in their rise ASAP. 

The song ”Isolated” was released about a month ago in conjunction with their first ever performance at Sofar Sounds Stockholm. A live video from that event is available further down for you to enjoy !

[title subtitle=””]Pictures & Screenshots[/title] [title subtitle=”Watch the band perform at the first Sofar Sounds in Stockholm”]Pica Pica – White Skies[/title]

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