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If clouds could whisper, their conversations on love, lust darkness and self would sound much like midnight‘s unique sound: Future Soul. And the genre is amazing as it is intriguing. Just by listening to the “XII Labors” EP, the sound compromises mainly of a passionate juxtaposition between uncomplicated lyrics and soothing yet quick beats. So even at his slowest, midnight‘s sensual voice lures listeners to breathtaking heights.

craves, YLXR, Jailo, Nick Leng and Obey City were definitely on-point when they helped produce “XII Labors.” Filled with well-timed beats, the production anchors listeners to midnight‘s airy vocals. In the songs “Floating & Falling” and “Adonis,” this New Yorker’s voice is like a light beam over a quiet sea. Even in the shamelessly lustful “Overflow,”  midnight‘s voice acts like a beacon in dark place. With every song, you’ll be seeing stars. Listen to the newly released EP (with bonus tracks) below:

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