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It’s an all-star line-up of what New York’s finest hip-hop and rap have to offer at the moment in terms of Emcees. A squad that makes absolute sense when doing music together. Demonstrated here by F.Virtue and his latest offering “Peace Of Mind” or “☯” if you’re fashion forward enough and understand the emoji culture. The track starts easy, “à la Lauryn Hill” some would say. But it quickly turns into something a little more complex, a track that Will Kowall (his real name) like to tag #Emo Rap for multiple reasons. It also features great collaborations by Melissa Burns, Infinite Coles (who happens to be Ghostface Killah’s son FYI), Dick Van Dick, Kaner Flex FKA Twigs dance, video and tour partner in crime as well as Chinks Doe.

The result is a thrilling journey through New York’s hazy streets and fire hydrant soaked atmosphere on a heat induced early evening, finishing on a rooftop somewhere gazing at the skyline ahead. It’s a party starter, a party cruiser, a party finisher. Whenever you spin the track, you know you’re gonna hit a homerun it’s that effective. We absolutely loved all the different flows, cadences and vocals dynamics on the track. Enough then, to share with you guys here.

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