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M83 meets Blink-182 in “From The Dark”, the latest from London-based synth pop duo New Arcades. With driving, nostalgic instrumentation straight out of the 80’s, and alt-rock influenced vocals straight out of the 2000’s, this is a song that pushes Indie electro beyond the familiar ether of cavernous, reverb-drenched vocals, and into a territory full of energy and personality.

Made up of Dean Canty and Adam Sullivan, New Arcades describe their music as “the perfect soundtrack to living in the moment, or reminiscing on good times gone by”. It’s hard not to agree, between the underlying sense that “From The Dark” belongs on the soundtrack of a coming-of-age movie, and the gnawing urge to pump this track through the stereo of a car tearing down a sunset-lit highway. Precisely programmed drums, shimmering arpeggiators, and anthemic vocals all help elevate this tune to something distinctively cinematic.

New Arcades have been honing their craft for years, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. No word of a new project on the horizon just yet… but, in the mean time, give this neon-tinted track a spin.

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