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With Mothers’ Day having just come and gone, now seems as good a time as ever for Mixtape n°37 – a special tribute to women, from Paris with love – to make it’s way to your ears. In concept, the idea is simple: we hope to shine an extra beam of light upon this underrepresented, overtly talented section of the music industry.

In practice, though, things can get a little more cloudy, in that this sort of special attention can feel like tokenism; but, only if you’re not paying proper attention. Because, we can assure you through and through – the incredible female artists about to guide you through the next 33 minutes of your music-listening life have been assembled not simply because they’re women, but because they’re supremely badass artists who you unquestionably need to hear, and who we at SodweeHQ have been overjoyed to have the pleasure of hearing, ourselves.

From the deliciously vintage sound of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, to the tender emotion of Melis‘s irresistible “Love Song Idea”, and all the way through Ing‘s breezy, acoustic mastery of all things soothing with “Dog Physics”, Mixtape n°37 is not only a celebration of modern music’s anima – it’s a painstakingly curated array of some of the best shit you could hope to hear today from anyone, man or woman. Enjoy.

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