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The “Fi-Filé” EP by Unda De Sango is one of those on-off body of work we like to indulge in as soon as the warm summer days start to hit and steam, stormy night roll in leaving beautiful sunsets trailing the longer days. Wearing nothing more than is needed to keep warm as the sun goes down. Unda De Sango will soundtrack the afterwork sessions you might have planned before the weekend beautifully. Music that will cater perfectly to those seeking a relaxed atmosphere before hitting the clubs. The perfect sundowner soundtrack is illustrated here with brilliant Creole vocals by Meemee Nelzy, Melodiesinfonie and Maloon TheBoom on two different remixes. Blending in rather delicately within the tight, sharp and brilliantly coordinated percussions by Unda De Sango’s production.

Unda De Sango’s “Fi-Filé” EP is out today via Boyoom Connective.

Being heavily taken by the culture as well as different music styles of the French West Indies during his stay in Guadeloupe, Unda De Sango crafted 6 tracks which play with several samples and shows the colourful and captivating soundscapes of this beautiful spot along with the expertly designed cover artwork by Dylan Moore.

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