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Childhood‘s highly-anticipated second album ‘Universal High is out today via Marathon Artists. It’s the middle of summer, there’s nothing more relaxing than listening to new material by a gang of London lads that have roamed the scene for quite some time.

  1. A.M.D
  2. Californian Light
  3. Cameo
  4. Too Old For My Tears
  5. Melody Says
  6. Universal High
  7. Understanding
  8. Don’t Have Me Back
  9. Nothing Ever Seems Right
  10. Monitor

Spearheaded by Ben Romans-Hopscraft, Childhood have been putting the finishing touches to a welcomed second album and teasing us with great sounds since the begining of the year. Today marks the full release of “Universal High” produced with the legendary Ben H Allen III , who evidently happened to also collaborate with no other than Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective and Deerhunter… That’s to give you the breadth of how much skill has gone into the record.

This new album also showcases the band’s limitless songwriting capabilities. In any case, if you have been following these lads since the beginning with  their ‘Lacuna’ debut, you won’t be surprised. With elevated tracks such as “Solemn Skies” and “Falls Away” (watch further down) on their dub-charged psychedelic indie debut ‘Lacuna’, it was only a matter of seconds for them to go global and start touring internationally as well as having a great entourage around them to channel all the talent into something rather special. And that day as finally arrived. Today a coherent, creative and beautifully built album sees the light of day with amazingly evocative tracks such as “Californian Lights”,”Monitor” and “Nothing Ever Seems Right”.

This new album was put to acetate at Maze Studios in Atlanta throughout summer of 2016. With influences well anchored in the Seventies soul of The Isley Brothers , Curtis Mayfield and Shuggie Otis. Ben Romans-Hopcraft says of the album :

Universal High represents many things to us as a band. It signifies change, both musically and mentally whilst also revisiting influences that confounded our interest in music in the first place. What I think is noticeable is the direct nature of the songs and its influences. Being surrounded by soul music, classic pop songs and music with any form of groove all my life, these influences began to speak for themselves within these new songs we were writing.

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