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Straight from New Orleans, Synthetic Ghosts delivers a brilliant single titled “Ocean Floor” clocking in at two minutes (in pure White Stripes fashion) off of their forthcoming ‘Asthma Will Take Your Breath Away’ EP. A new track we dig immensely, filled with undeniably catchy groove, addictive analog synths and electronic beats as well as a unique take on vocal delivery.

Since you dream out loud
Make sure you don’t drown
On the ocean floor
You’ll face your doubts

Clocking in at 2 minutes 04 seconds ‘Ocean Floor’ needs no more to convince you Synthetic Ghosts is a band to look out for.

The band consists of four members: Andre Lenev (lead vocals, guitar, synths), Ben Barbour (lead guitar, backing vocals, sampler), Sam Durazzo (bass, synths) and Alex “Hambone” Hamlin (drums). The lead member Andre Lenev also happens to be a White Stripes fan if that adds any credibility to the blend of influences the band’s sound draws from… Because any White Stripes fan will have a somewhat vast collection of music knowledge to pick and be inspired by. From garage rock, to blues, via surf rock and country music a Stripes fan is a versatile music lover with great taste in music.

‘Asthma Will Take Your Breath Away’ EP”  with the tracklist and cover art revealed for the first time:

Synthetic Ghosts “formed as a stripped down garage-rock college experiment” to a full throttle outfit complete with distorted guitars layered beautifully with analog synths, electronic drums and obscure cartoon samples resulting in very catchy, yet also oddly bizarre tunes that would appeal to any sidetracked human being out there in need of a lifehack filled with self-awareness and irony. You could also enjoy their debut track titled “The Collider” released for Halloween last year…

Until they release further kick-ass tunes for our enjoyment, please indulge in the true hit that is “Ocean Floor” just below. Don’t go away before you follow these guys closely over the next few months via social media… All links are further down…

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