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When we received Dynesti Williamlatest video for “60 Days Notice”, it was accompanied by a simple yet audacious promise: she did not show up to be a female rapper, she showed up to be the master of the ceremony. Sure enough, all the makings of a true MC – the confidence, the charisma and, of course, the bars – are on full display as Dynesti spits her way through the Bronx in this powerhouse of a video.

I could go ahead and make comparisons between Dynesti and some of the great women in contemporary hip-hop, like Missy Elliott and Remy Ma, and I will. The fact is, there’s definitely a streak of those familiar attitudes within Dynesti’s flow and cadence, but she’s far from a copycat. Every bar she lays down on this Timian produced beat is effectively stamped with a Dynesti trademark, as her unique personality shines through not only on the slick, braggadocios lines here, but in the warning shots she takes at the music industry, as well.

Hold on baby, I’m about to get nasty
I just wanna do ya like Uber did Taxi

Dynesti’s upcoming full length project, “The Dyna”, is set to release in 2018, and we doubt it’s going to arrive quietly. If you were wondering when East coast, female MC’s were going to be making big waves in hip-hop again, you have an answer.

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