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From the Big Apple. Comes a debut track that will resonate with the millennial in you. Introducing Reyn Hartley with his brand spanking new track “Snitch”. An effective track built to impress in the simplest way possible.

Reyn Hartley has remained under the radar. He has racked up a sizeable following posting Instagram selfies from every possible angle though, it’s kind of scary. The track “Snitch” was mastered by Joe LaPorta, who previously collaborated with The Weeknd. Maybe an indication there’s potentially further material to expect from Reyn Hartley. The lad is clearly influenced by Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin as mentioned in the debut track but also deep into his video selfies; where he mentions his love for Led Zep showcasing his air-guitar skills.

Paparazzi on my ass like click click click.
When you see me don't ask who I'm with.

Based out of New-York, Reyn Hartley has ties with Larzz Principato who’s songwriting and producing talent have seen him pairing up with Dua Lipa and Halsey in the past. Yet another clue here as Reyn Hartley navigates to all sorts of media outlets and his obscure persona online.

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