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We have been all over Gent Mason in the past. He then went off grid, and on a hiatus for a good chunk of time. Under the radar so to speak.

He reached out to me with the simplest email of all time and all of a sudden, my flesh started sizzling with excitement… Neu-New music from an artist we raved so much about is about to drop?? Hell yeah!

Hi buddy,

Thanks for your support in the past, much appreciated. Letting you know I have new (unreleased) music ready, ‘Real Relationship’


The brief included a link to the private Soundcloud page with the track in all its formidable glory and another link to the very minimal picture of downtown Los Angeles (I think, I could be wrong) during sunset. The same high-resolution picture Gent Mason has been using to promote his music for the past few years it seems. His previous releases, “Head” and “Eden” had the exact same minimal feel to their packaging. Which, in my opinion, made total sense and brought the music itself center stage for once.

So, this new track is titled “Real Relationship” and no doubts a highly stylized electronic r&b instrumental complete with a sleazy, heavy guitar line and rather deep vocal aesthetics that are kind of difficult to decipher upon first listen.

This is great news, as we’ve been waiting for more from Gent Mason for a long time. We’re happy to see him deliver new material and hope you get onboard with the new-ish music direction…

Follow his online estates and listen to the previously shared tracks in our PASSPORT section below…


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