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When a band, or duo in this case, comes about and portrays themselves as an hybrid between Cigarettes After Sex meets Coldplay and that same band covers the almighty tracks of Chris Rea’s uber-hit “Josephine”. You have got to hear it for yourself and figure what it is all about. First of all, because it’s terrifyingly intriguing to blend Cigarettes After Sex, Coldplay and Chris Rea in the same-ish sentence. And second of all because Chris Rea’s “Josephine” was and still is, my go to reference for any road trip somewhere. Maybe because Father of Sodwee blasted this track countless times while driving to any random parts of Europe. And the track has since been engraved in pairing with those memories.

The Nice Nice are Tim and Tom, not trying to be funny here. That’s for real. Tim is from Australia, and Tom from Munich. They were both enthusiastic of their love for Chris Isaak and Chris Rea. Both bonded over wine and coffee and decided to record their first record “Beached”. They then went on and self-recorded / produced eight further tracks in Austria, mixed the album in Paris and finally mastered their art in Belgium.

In Munich on 23rd of February? Grab tickets to their EP Launch at MILLA CLUB

“Turn This Thing Around” is the fourth release from The Nice Nice. The single is out today (January 21st 2019) with their debut “EP I” slated to hit all DSPs and well stocked shelves in February 2019. Follow The Nice Nice on their socials further down. And share their music around… Expect a big push from the same peeps that brought us Park Hye Jin and her K-house debut. We can’t wait to hear more from this band and hopefully turn a few french heads along the way. Take a listen:

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