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We warned you a few weeks back that Isaac Dunbar was to turn heads around with his freshman take on things. Like a force of nature. The young American is slowly, yet surely taking over and demanding some undivided attention. His latest single “Mime” hits all DSP platforms today and confirms our predictions. He’s got something special to showcase.

Isaac Dunbar is quickly rising to become one of the most interesting musician/artist of his generation. Listen instead and run through the previous articles we have had published for his previous releases (see right)

“I’m the puppet you hold when you’re mad… Mold me, oh so coldly, I just want to make sure you’re okay, that you’re satisfied just for the day.”

Isaac Dunbar touches upon being at someone’s beck and call as he cries, with the brilliantly produced sonic chaos adds to the whirlwind of emotions in this track. 2019 has truly amazing milestones for Dunbar. KEEP A CLOSE EYE. Follow him on his socials (links further down) and check out his steady quality output below…


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