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We’d like to take a second and wish you the very best year 2019 to you, your loved ones and to your endeavors. Many successes, in spirit, love, business and plenty of music filled awesomeness for the year ahead of us.

And it wouldn’t be complete without another golden nugget from our collective past that I wanted to share with you on the first day of this new year.

Classic track “Aimer D’amour” released in 1978 is a Disco/funk oriented 3rd solo album of the same name by Boule Noire. A singer-songwriter from Quebec that roams by Georges Thurston. The track features Albert Hammond’s songwriting…

And so without further ado. I’d like to extend my sincerest wishes for 2019… Keep on rockin’ and make all the right decisions this year.

If you want more golden nuggets playing your way, here are another two you might find super interesting:

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