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Ben and Robin, or Lucky Horses are two fellas dropping a compelling debut electronic album. Made atop a camping table, with a pile of sample pads, synths and laptops, and guitar pedals littering the floor. Enough in fact to drown out the London Underground situated outside their studio and completely immerse you in the final body of work that is ‘Losing’ (provided you listen to their music with decent headphones). They’ll pull you into their little world. Right in the middle of Bow Industrial Estate, East London.

Today we’re introducing our first band of 2019 with Lucky Horses and their newly released first album ‘Losing’. having formed the duo back in summer 2018. With a focus on one of the standout tracks “Terraces and Discos” amongst ten other very promising numbers available for stream over at any digital provider and here on Soundcloud.

Terraces and Discos, like the entire album oozes dream driven synths and whispered vocals. It’s then layered upon a driving beat and enchanting melody. Enough to kick-back and enjoy a cold, rainy afternoon curled up in the warmest blanket looking out onto the bleek city scenes outside.

Debut album ‘Losing’ by Lucky Horses is out now.

Photos by Suncan Stone (Facebook)


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