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That one is for my Father who is a big fan of Swedish duo Wy‘s material since last year’s bulldozer of a debut album “Okay”. Already compared to the likes of Slowdive, Cigarettes After Sex and Mazzy Star. Wy is set to turn a few extra heads around with their latest direction. A shift in pace it seems with the new “Pavements” single out today.

It’s raw, sweaty and an impressive turn since the delicate, almost whisper-esque debut sound we’ve come to know from Wy. And that is some feat right there. To just take something, punch it, tear it apart and deliver an entirely different product the second time around is very welcomed in my books. But also part of the recipe for a successful sophomore album when people will be anxiously waiting around the corner.

The video companion to the track is worth the watch too. Ebba (half of the duo) explains a little further:

While recording the studio version of the song our friend Joar told me that it sounded like someone punching. I immediately saw myself boxing in the air to it and so we made it the video. When we recorded the footage I tried to mimic how I moved and felt while recording the vocals. I think the act of boxing captures the feeling of the song perfectly, especially when I can’t really box. There is a weirdness to it that I like.”


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