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From Malmö, Sweden, comes a delicate dream pop duo that only nordic weather can breed: Wy are lovers in real life and both struggling with social anxiety and by magical trickery somehow manage to picture the essence of bearing that kind of anxiety in their music. As if you were part of their lives. Straight in from the start of the playback on newest track and hit tune: “You + I”

It’s unsettling at first but soothing and reassuring at the same time. Maybe Ebba’s sweet, powerful and nearly broken, vocals and Michel’s guitar lines, and synths have something to do here. A perfectly illustrated opposition by the swedish duo here on “You + I”. This single comes in anticipation of the soon to be released debut LP “Okay (via Better Call Rob & Hybris) on October 20th. We cannot wait to listen to the rest of the therapeutic music.

And I messed him up like only I can do
A part of me said “let him be”
And I let him be mine

Ebba on the track “You + I”:

It’s one of two love songs on the album. I usually have a hard time writing love songs, but I wanted to write about what it’s like being a couple when both struggle with social anxiety. It’ about being uncomfortable around every person except one, and being each others safety zone.

Upcoming debut LP ‘Okay’, will drop later this year on Oct. 20th via Better Call Rob & Hybris

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