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We’ve found ourselves hypnotized yet again by the output of Good Girl and the Bad TimesThe brother and sister duo first grabbed our ear with the gently heart wrenching “Love’s Lost”, and are now back with a new track rife with underwater vibes – “We Go This Way”.

In my last write up on Jenny and Eli (just to rehash – the Good Girl and Bad Times, respectively), I noted that there wasn’t a whole lot going on instrumentally. This is the case yet again with “We Go This Way” and, yet again, it works subtly and gorgeously. The continuously evolving style of this moody duo is based in simplicity – some heartfelt vocal melodies supported by moving production – and yet the emotionality of their music is deeply complex. A churning breakup ballad with a disco soul – “We Go This Way” earns its place in any midnight playlist.

It’s gonna be so hard

It’s gonna be too hard without you

The third piece of an eight track record the band is releasing one song at a time, “We Go This Way” is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth for melancholy, while still leaving plenty of territory for Good Girl and the Bad Times to explore.

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