Dark Light

You will feel abnormally light and confused after taking a listen to Collect Call‘s brand new single “Inouraroma” (pronounced I Know Your Aroma). Bringing back memories of past loves and complete with everyday nature samples and lingering hooky vocals. The track manages to lift the senses above everything else for close to 4 minutes. As Collect Call have put it themselves so cleverly: “If you’ve ever felt hopeless but danced through it, you’ll understand.”

Collect Call are Joseph Thorpe, Edward Norton and Sebastian Müller from Brighton, on the South coast of the UK and have been making electronic music for a few months now. The trio are absolutely not afraid of pulling the emotive strings to attain the feelings and state of mind they want to convey in their music. The varied musical influences they’ve put forward here include Four Tet, James Blake and Thom Yorke amongst others. Their sound offers a lush, organic production, mixes digital and analogue eloquently and delivers dark melancholic music with a dancier undertone.

It’s something to listen to when you’re not feeling 100% but you know you’ll get over that moment fast. There’s light at the end of the short tunnel. And it lasts roughly the length of the track…

For Fans Of (#FFO): Think James Blake softly head butting Four Tet as Thom Yorke referees.


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