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Britney Spears - shavedBritney Spears révèle et confirme le tracklist de son dernier album “Blackout”, quatre ans après l’album “In The Zone” et quelques mètre de coke plus tard… C’est donc avec 12 chanson que miss “Bad Trip” nous revient. Notez que Pharell Williams (la moitié des Neptunes) a écrit, produit et chanté sur “Why Should I Be Sad”. L’album sort le 30 Octobre aux Etats-Unis.

  1. “Gimme More”
  2. “Piece of Me”
  3. “Radar”
  4. “Break the Ice”
  5. “Heaven on Earth”
  6. “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)”
  7. “Freakshow”
  8. “Toy Soldier”
  9. “Hot As Ice”
  10. “Ooh Ooh Baby”
  11. “Perfect Lover”
  12. “Why Should I Be Sad”
  1. Britney you are very beautiful and i love you so much.I like your music.I’m from Kosova.How olda re you ??I’m twelve yers old!!britney not reemember ‘I LOVE YOUUUUUU’ goodbye!<3

  2. Britney ! je te hais ! mais sais tu quoi en plus j’ecoute tout le temp ton cd et je m’atache facilement a toi sauf que je te haiss voila toutt !! XDD

  3. she had to get some testing done.. and they peeps had to check my plucking one hair out .. if there are any drugs in her system. and since she was on drugs.. she shaved her hair

    thats a rumor. but its believable (:


  4. lol.. i made a lot of spelling errors in the prev. comment. sorry my fingers aren’t working right now.. hope you can make out what i was trying to say



  5. heyzz i’m 14 years old frome armenia…..
    sry but i don’t like britney 2 much I just luv her songs & … in this pic she looks like boy if he sry she clean her make up she looks like a boy & she’s stupid girl & she’s not thinkin’ about herself she’s doin’ what she want & this is wrong coz she’s famous & she’s not thinkin’ about this at all … this is my idea about heR………..

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