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Dubai - 360 club - airboy sodwee emirates cabin crew

It was time for us to let ourselves go. After last week’s short weekend we decided to have it the good way this week ! Headed to a well known club here called 360° and damn it was good ! Last week alone our least favourite cheap French DJ David Guetta played a set there. The club looks like a frying pan with an open top and circle bar. Open air, sofas all around and good music ! Best times…. We went with Glasgow born Tracey (she’s absolutely wild) and Melaarrrrrnie from England as well as their flatmate Kim (from Cornwall), Szilvia from America/Greece/Hungary and the french gang (ie Nivine & myself). We were then joined by Raphaël and his mate JB and Mouiz from London ! Here are the pics.

Otherwise, just been certified as a First Aider. Been through exams and practical assessments yesterday, finished early and zoomed off for some retail therapy at the Mall Of Emirates (also known as MOE). Treated myself to Ray-Ban sunglasses and a new pair of Pimp My Ride style Converse trainers. Ate donuts, drunk a smoothie and decided to go home for some housework (hate the sounding of that word). Mastered the washing machine and dryer, managed to clean up my room and troll down with my uniform to the laundry, hard work all in all. Sunday we’ll be starting Service Standards and apparently ab-initio 1170 is mixing up with us !! Thats going to be such a laugh knowing Scottish Tracey will be with us. And along with that even more eye-watering sights to look out for !!! ahhhhhhhhh. So we’ve only got two weeks left before graduating.

Looking forward to tonight as another lot of French (that I know from the open day) are arriving in Dub-Dub…Namely Fred, Samir and others…

Voila that’s all from the Sandpit. Speak to ya’ll soon!

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