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Yes, ladies & gentlemen, Sodwee has finally made it to the galley in full uniform! Doha was our destination today. A quick hop over the sea and down again. All in all, a 50 minute flight on average. On average only. Because sometimes, things happen. Even on your first suppy (validation flight, cabin crew first flight) flight. Today our flight out of Dubai had some technical difficulties in providing cool air to the cabin, and more importantly to the wings and everything that comes with those wings (ie fuel, flaps, directional parts, hydraulics and other stuff). So this was a rare fault in the aircraft that Captain had to make the decision of going back to stand to make the necessary repairs in order for us to take-off safely and with air-con. That i, with sweaty passengers on-board dying for some fresh air and coolness. Us sweating like hell, providing drinks to our passengers. Every one of them was kind thought. So it wasn’t to hard. One of them actually came up to the galley and thanked us for the work and apologozised for us to work in those heat conditions. But we were all fine. A few drinks in the back and we were rocking !

So an hour and a half after Scheduled Time of Departure (that is STD, for future reference guys). We made it to the runway after securing the cabin and ourselves. I was in the cockpit by then enjoying the full view of  tarmac strip lying before my eyes ! What a sensation. It is nothing compared to the cabin view (yeah, there’s actually no view from the cabin !) Anyways great friendly Captain & FO (First Officer), I didn’t forget their names or anything, just don’t want to spare confidential information here, bare with me.

Seat Belt Sign was off, and I had to storm through the Business Class cabin in order to get ready for our flash service. Sandwiches & Juices. Serve 130 pax (passengers) in 20 minutes. This wasn’t a full cabin, a full economy cabin can hold up to 265 pax. Imagine the “bordel” on a 20 minutes service sprint ! However we did just fine and manage to attend every pax’s need. Including extra drinks and sandwiches.

By then it was time to secure the cabin again for our landing in Doha. An airport in the middle of the desert with a very small airport compared to Dubai. This is what we call a turnaround fligh, that means we do no stay for a layover. We go straight back to Dubai with another load of passengers and cargo. We did the exact same service on the way back.

Landed in Dubai perfectly. Came back home, Found my flatmate typing away on his keyboard… I knew we had internet installed the moment he lifted his eyes up and saw me coming in… His smile up to his ears said it all ! Internet is a life saver especially on reserve months when you’re kinda stuck at home !

That is all from my side. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures, I was way to busy to think about gettingg my camera out. But surely in the future, when my brain gets the whole process, I will probably have time to think about taking my snaps.

Speak to you soon !

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