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Been at home for three days now, doing pretty much nothing but reading blogs, buying a TV, eating like a pig, drinking unlawful sodas and being a coutch potato and soaking up the sun every now and then. To my surprise, many fellow Emirates Flight Attendants are writting their experience on blogs. All of them are very interesting, so giv’em some link love people !

If you guys have a blog about All things aviation, please send me a buzz and I’ll uptade my links. I’m more than happy to share it with the world !

In other news, I’ll be flying this coming Friday out to Bangalore in India, with one of my fellow ABinitio class mates. She’s wild and happely named Alicia. Hope to have some fun, no doubt actually ! Can’t wait for my Layover to come !

  1. Hey Airboy!

    Woah, I’m really surprised that you included my blog in your list since I’m not an EK FA yet! But I’m really glad also that you did! I love everything about being an EK FA! Thus the list of EK FA bloggers on my site!

    Btw, i might join the EK assessment here in my country in June!

    Bon chance to me! 🙂

  2. Airboy!
    Many thanks for the links, I’ve shamefully not updated in a month, blogger’s taking me weeks just to upload photos! So frustrating!
    What’s your second supy? You did alright to have Doha first up, mine was Cairo then Tehran! Absolute madness…
    Take care 🙂

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