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We always love hearing something fresh that has some hints of old favourites running through it. On “Talking to Myself”, dancer-turned-singer Billy Vena draws upon the Ghosts of Popstars Past to deliver a tune that’s devoid of cliché and full of familiar-yet-refreshing goodness.

Play the latest tune by Billy Vena, Talking To Myself :

I think our friends at HighClouds put it best when they described Billy’s style as “a bit of Michael Jackson seen through a modern psych-pop lens”. There’s an 80’s sensibility present throughout “Talking To Myself”, even a little bit of a disco feel on the chorus, but Billy avoids any and all garishness that sometimes comes with throwback songs. Maybe that’s just because it’s less of a retrospective than it is a timeless piece of juicy pop, complete with some saxophone that just demands a place in your playlist.

Baby the light is shining down on me
Dancing around until it sees my feet
I’m making up with my identity
It feels so right, and it’s all night

Nothing not to love here. Dim the lights a little, clear some space for a dance floor for one, and get this one spinning.


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