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Mokita‘s quickly becoming a favourite around here. We’ve talked about “All Into Nothing (Acoustic)” – his stellar collaboration with R3HAB – and his bittersweet banger “Over You”, but today the Nashville popstar-in-the-making is proving that he’s got nothing but fresh ideas with his brand new single “Ready Yet”.

For me, all of Mokita‘s songs revolve around his voice. There are clean polished, pop vocals and there are soulful, organic performances, but it’s pretty rare the two come together the way they do when Mokita is on the mic. “Ready Yet” highlights his smooth, soulful singing set to easy-going production with the kind of simple-but-fresh songwriting that’s impossible to keep out of your head. Maybe it’s a little late to claim a song of the summer, but “Ready Yet” has all the makings and more.

You tonight
I thought that I'd be alright
Baby, just tell me why
This bed feels cold without you inside

A final thought from the man himself, Mokita had to say:

“‘Ready Yet’ is just about not wanting to come down and actually face reality. It’s about being up in your own head living inside a fantasy world”.

These days, a bit of fantasy world feels like exactly what the doctor ordered.

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