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Facecard FACE Flight Attendant Club Of Emirates - Sodwee AirboyHolllla. This is THE card I’ve been waiting for over a month now. And I’m glad I’ve finally got my hands on it ! It’s total BLING in your pocket. Forget about your diamond incrusted grillz, dis is da shiz foolz. That card entitles you to many, say countless discounts around Dubai and also overseas. Most airlines have their own too. It’s a quite a money saver when you go out considering the amount one cabin crew spends here in Dubai on drinks and other nightlife fees… It also works for selected museums and cultural places around the globe. Voilà I’m happy, I’m a member of the Club !

In other news I’m preparing for a Manila trip tonight leaving at 3 in the morning. So I’m gonna hit the sack for a few hours and set the wake up call alarm clock so I can pack and leave early enough to print stuff down at CBC. Will, of course, post pictures when I get back from the Philippines !

Peace out !

  1. hey welcome to the Philippines then! 🙂 hope you enjoy your short stay in Manila! Don’t forget to try our local beer, San Mig Light!

  2. Make sure when you arrive in Manila to scout out the DVD lady! She’s notorious amongst EK crew as she notes down arrival times and meets us in the lobby for sales. Has some hard to find stuff, such as Mile High etc. All decent quality. She also does super-cheap massages. Ask some of the senior crew, they may have her number on their mobile…
    And whilst you’re there head to Makati City and visit the Max Brenner Chocolate Cafe. It’s where I spend all my pesos.
    Take care, safe flying – Melissa

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