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Heyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaa !!!! Woop Woop I’m back from Manila, in very good spirits ! Philippinos are a friendly bunch, fact, on the other hand, your traffic su*** major hell. ahah. But it was all very interesting sights in the end. I have fallen in love with those chrome buses (check out the pictures below). I think they’re total BLING, just like my FACEcard. I’m also addicted to mayhem in city centers, and for that matter I had plenty and even leftovers ! Electric cables running everywhere, bikes with 8 people riding on, buses that look like spacecrafts, flyovers tangled with each other spaghetti style. I got what I wanted. A true layover with enough happening around the hotel so I could walk out the air-conditioning and feel the vibe. After meeting up with SFS, Roberta and the captain for a tasteful Thaï buffet round the corner, we headed for some well-deserved San Miguel (this is the beer) at the hotel bar. It’s 8 hours flying, so you’re pretty much ready for some nicotine, malt & hops by the time you get out of the uniform… After a 13 hours sleep, a quick update on news “Onnllyy On CNN” and a good shower I was off for some good old shopping. Didn’t go insane at all Mum… Just got a brand new Bench watch with dual time. I was getting annoyed not knowing the time back home so I came across this trendy watch, yet within the Emirates Grooming Standards. It has dual time meaning, it shows two displays, one for your home country (ie Dub-Dub), and another to display the time in the country your visiting. It’s extremely practical and would advise it to anyone travelling around good ol’ mother Earth. That’s all I got. Grabbed something to eat and it was time to get changed.


Of course this wasn’t the end. We had to hop back to Dubai. The flight was again full, 385 passengers in Economy and 42 in Business class. It’s alot, believe me. You only realise how many people these aircraft carry when you stand on the ramp to say goodbye. It’s a never ending flow… And saying “buh-bye” to 400 people within 5 minutes takes some effort, believe me !

Anyways, that’s not the point. During cruising, the ride got bumpier, with turbulence and us Cabin Crew fighting gravity to have those trays delivered without having to crouch down to pick up the fallen cutlery or spill drinks over a passengers head. At one point Captain came on the PA (Passenger Announcement) and ordered to take our seats. If you’re travelling, and you hear “Cabin Crew Take Your Seat”, this means, you’ll be on a rollercoaster anytime soon. That’s why cabin crew will stop whatever they’re doing, even if they’re about to serve the meal you’ve been waiting for ages and you’re starving, but for our safety and yours ultimately, we need to sit down, relax, and hold onto our Cart. Another PA will be heard saying something along the lines of “Cabin Crew realeased for duty”. This means we’ll resume our service, and check on damage and/or injuries.

The rest of the flight was a breeze. Next flight is a Paris flight. So I’m hoping on seeing my loved ones. Request for cheap cigarettes cartridges will not be accepted, I’m sorry Anthony, but I don’t know you, and I have limited amount of space in my suitcase. As you can imagine… Again I’d like to thank Colon (what a strange nickname…), Anthony, Jihan, Melissa, Paul & Andres from Facebook for their emails and support. I really appreciate…

That’s all from me, I shall now close my eyes, take a nap and let you discover a those pictures if you haven’t seen them yet.

  1. oh good you tried the San Miguel beer! 😛 wow, its good to hear you liked our country despite the traffic!!! 😛

  2. stumbled upon your page while doing my research for my assessment on the 23rd. i’m bookmarking your page. helpful and entertaining, a very good mix. lol. familiar pictures by the way, i live right around the corner from the podium! haha. glad you liked the urban jungle i call home. hope to be part of your team soon and hope you’d find yourself back here! take it easy!

  3. FILIPINOS (Spanish & English spelling) not Philippinos. LOL.

    I’m hoping that I will be selected when I apply sometime next year.

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