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With the launch of the A380 aircraft, Emirates has decided to freshen up their image, and give all the crew who fly on this aircraft some brand new threads. Goodbye Powder Blue, and Hello Chocolate and Beige!… Not a huge change for the girls, as the company still wanted the instant brand recognition that we ARE Emirates, as we sashay through the terminal, but we now will look a lot more modern, in our chic new outfits. Many will miss the potato-sack-esque style of the current image, designed back in 1997, but I know that many more will appreciate this new and exciting look!

While the A380 crew will launch the uniform from 01 August 2008, the remainder of the company will be strutting their stuff from the New Year.

Without much further ado, let me show to you the photos provided this week in the launch of the new get-up…

Airboy by Sodwee - EK Emirates New UniformAirboy by Sodwee - EK Emirates New UniformAirboy by Sodwee - EK Emirates New UniformAirboy by Sodwee - EK Emirates New UniformAirboy by Sodwee - EK Emirates New UniformAirboy by Sodwee - EK Emirates New Uniform

  1. they will roll it out for every crew in the first quarter of 2009. That means 9000+ crew will have to get tailored… As they say, it’s around 500KM of fabric to stich !! A nightmare.

  2. I really cannot believe this. How hideous. With all that money they could have gone to a decent design house. Anyone with any fashion sense can see that this is so unflattering. What’s with the side button on the hat????

  3. the scarves need to go……and don’t they read fashion/cosmetic news? Red lipstick is the worst.
    It makes you look old……

  4. The ‘Button’ is to promote the Emirates logo, it has always been on the hat in some shape or form. I think the new uniform is beautiful, some perhaps argue still old fashioned. It’s fair to state that traditionalism is vital in maintaining the respectability of an airline. As for the scarves, they are the best part, they demonstrate the Arab culture of the Airline. The red lipstick, does need to be relaxed a little however, I ahve come across countless complaints on its hideousness!! A good combination of modernism and traditionalism I think =) I strive to wear it in the next few years =)

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