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At the end of every month the adrenaline rush starts to pump frantically in anticipation of the rosters and payslips. It’s the best moment as we’re able to see where we’ll be heading for the next month. Not only that, it enables us to sketch a plan of some sort for the month ahead too. Us Grade 2’s get our rosters on the 27th. So having Brazilians (K & D)at home is puuuuuurfect… Not only it’s carnaval on a daily basis, but they have this ability to forsee their roster before everyone else. It takes an herculean effort to check those hundreds of flight for every day throughout the whole month… I know some might say why we don’t wait another 2 days and get a neatly crafted personalized roster… but the pressure is too big, it’s like changing the clock to 2 hours ahead on christmas to open the presents a little earlier… you know that feeling…. The fact that amazing turnaround destinations such as Hyderabad or worse for worse, Cairo, are hoovering above our heads like a Sword of Damocles. And because it’s an automatic system that allocates flights depending on many factors like your seniority, the group you’re in and so forth, the odds of knowing where you’ll be flying are close to nil. So you can only imagine what kind of state the 10,000 crew here in Dubai are in. So to cut a long story short, I have managed to look up my roster partly and discovered I’ll be home twice, checking out Osaka (KIX) twice and the rest of the planning remains mystery until the 27th.

Bam Bam Mayjjjjjjjjjjjahhhhhhhhh KABooooooooooooooooSH !

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