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Airboy had a busy day. Usually I spend my days off hanging around the flat like a sloth, but today I felt like wondering out of the building, into the scorching sun none the less. I ended up in Emirates Group Headquarters. This place is amazingly huge. It doesn’t look like it from the outside but once you step inside, you’re greeted with marble floors, escalators here, there everywhere, ID gates every 3 step you make, and finally a monumental atrium at the center of the building, where co-workers have their lunches. It’s like a little village. A grocery, numerous food counters, Stores, ATMs, offices, Costa-rip-off-but-we-love-it-Coffee and other goodies await the desperate crew in need of entertainment. The only problem with huge places with no particular floor plan or signage is that you get lost fairly instantly. I had to ask my way a dozen times before I could find the FedEx counter. Yet it’s no surprise I couldn’t find it because it’s tucked away 2 storeys below ground level in what seems like no mans land. I finally got to the counter only to find a surprised colleague asking me what I was doing here and what I wanted ! I replied with a smile : “I gather you don’t see many people… I’m here to send some stuff, FedEx is good at this right?”. I had to send some goodies to Europe and because Emirates looks after us very well here, we get 50% off on all FedEx prices and to make it even more hassle free, they deduct it directly from your salary (meaning you can forget your credit card and still manage to send that souvenir from Tokyo you just bought for your loved one). Left the B2 floor to head to Etisalat which is easier to find because it’s on the atrium floor. I went there to suscribe to TV with E-vision so I can watch Pimp My Ride and get the latest pop gossip from VH1. They have a good deal for crew with free installation and some other xtras. Suscribed now waiting for the Etisalat chaps to come in and install the box. I needed TV because reserves will be very boring and it’s coming up soon so I’m gearing up.

On the way back home I also managed to fit in a hop into MMI, our local booze shop. The reason behind that is that I needed to process my Liquor License for me to be able to purchase and retain alcohol here in Dubai. Remember, we’re under Muslim laws and Alcohol is prohibited pretty much everywhere except in Hotels and Resorts. So I did after filling in some papers… The license should be ready in 30 days or so. No rush tho, Long’s bar is just 20 seconds away from home.

Finally made a few minor tweaks to the blog. You are now able to send any blog post via email to your friends and a printer friendly version of the blog is also available so you can print away without emptying your ink cartridges.

That’s all for today, oh no, hoovering left to do.

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