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Yes. You read it right ! I’m back in Paris after 2 years in the sandpit! And I can tell you here and now, I miss my sandpit toddlers…

So before I dish out some gossip for the masses, here’s some cool tunes you might want to listen to as you read on… You can hit play and download each on of them….

I have left Dubai early April. Spent 6 months in France before the urge to see some of the best friends I have made struck again. So I went on the interwebs and found some cheap ass flight to Abu Dhabi (AUH) with Etihad. 400 euros return fare isn’t bad at all taxes included. Grabbed my debit card, and booked right away. Before you knew it ! I was in Abu Dhabi calling Tall Ben/Greg and Nivine to meet the Etihad Guest (the magic bus as I like to call it).

And the guys were there to meet me having a 4 day string of days off. It couldn’t get any better ! Right bang central, with a pedestrian access to the Financial Center Metro Station I was able to roam around the city with great ease as since I left the RTA (Road & Transport Authority of Dubai) had finally opened most of the stations. Which made the stay even more interesting as I wasn’t tied to hop in a cab for every move I intended to do during the day.

I got on the net and arranged a dinner at GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) with both Melissa and Traytable, two of the most influencial as well the cutest flight attendants in Dubai !

I forgot my camera so there’s no picture of these awesome burgers to be shared. But I had SATAY burger. And wasn’t disappointed AT ALL. Funny goss session. ! Thanks to you two girls. It was one great catch up ! Sad I we couldn’t say goodbye properly. But I’m sure I’ll take Tray-T and Mel around Paris, France sometime !

A part from being the laziest sloth known in the Desert, waking up at unholy hours of the afternoon, going out to clubs and to cut the crap short : HAVING A BLAST with Tall Ben, Greg, Nivax, Jay, Oz, Oli… I managed to squeeze some time in the tight schedule to celebrate my 25th birthday with style :
Sodwee, JD, Maryline for Ben's 25th birthday !

It was a great Party night out. Tall Ben and I joined Maryline & Co. at Sanctuary for some VIP drinks and All Access Socializing with the clubgoers after spending the pre-evening or APERO in french at 360 in Jumeira.

Thank you so much Maryline !

But before my 25th shenanigans we were treated to a BIG BIG FRENCH PARTY in dubai with no other than 36 french citizens ready to wobble and boogie to silly / stupid old french hits. And the night was a complete success :

If you are wondering, these were paper cut outs of famous french politicians printed 30 minutes prior to the party !

I can’t thank Tall Ben, Greg amd Mat for having me for 3 weeks in their living ! I thank you guys for being so generous with your time ! You are welcome here anytime !

The Crew LoungeI will be the guest on next weeks crew lounge podcast. So you must be sure to tune in via iTunes (look for it in the podcast directory) or directly on UPGRD.com

  1. I’ve already put my bids in for CDG 😀
    BTW the garlic mayo burger totally kicks the arse of the satay burger. Downside is you probably can’t snog anyone for 2 weeks after…

  2. Mel, solution to that problem is to introduce the intended snog-ee to GBK too, once they fall in love mutual garlic sharing is not a problem… at least so I’ve heard… 😛

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