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Chelsea, member of the duo Minor Birds from Twain Harte in California, sent in their debut LP teaser late on Sunday night (just before the Grammy’s I guess) and caught my ears straight away. Been hooked on the track “Double Or Nothing” ever since. It’s from the upcoming album “Hold Back All My Dark” set to be released at the end of the month. What struck me is the attention to details the pair puts in their gig posters LOVE THEM, reminds me of the ol’ times with the White Stripes and their Rob Jones posters… :

Minor Birds – Double or Nothing

Chelsea and Joel have been playing music together in different capacities since 2004, but after a series of tragic events in 2008, followed by an almost year long dry spell, their thoughts and talents took shape as Minor Birds. The relationship these two have is very honest and open and it comes across in the music. Joel writes the lyrics as poetry and Chelsea creates the melody and sets them to music. It is a very organic way of working together to create the sound and feel they want to capture in every song.

Minor Birds pull influences from everything they encounter. They do not set out to copy or tweak any one sound, but seek to create original compositions that build and amplify the mood. Their music is not made to fit into any one sound, but to convey the emotion of the moment.

I suggest you also give their previous material some spin/love right here :

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