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 Download Sundaze #31
Download Sundaze #31

Rodrigo Amarante born 1976 *rolls eyes* (now I get it… private joke), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a guitarist, occasional bassist, singer and songwriter for the bands Los Hermanos, Orquestra Imperial and Little Joy. I first came across his work with Los Hermanos (the band) when my old and dearest Brazilian flatmate Kalil – big up bro – sent over some of his previous tunes where they happen to sing in French and had playlisted this particular track in Sundaze #31 back in November last year (2012).

Well turns out the man himself is currently preparing a solo album for sometime this year’s end or beginning of the next. And we showcase here two of his songs (the only two he has available in fact). Beautiful tracks. We especially love “Tardei” to which we easily fell to sleep yesterday while playing it on repeat with the headphones. Goes without saying, I nearly strangled myself with the cord the following morning.

Download : Los Hermanos – Cher Antoine 

We can’t stress enough on how good these two tracks sound like ! Anything spoken/sung or even shouted in portuguese sounds like awesome music to me, the accent is to DIE for :

J’ai quatre jour de congés aye aye aye aye, Je va à la cooommmpagne…
Je voyage en traon, je va faire du spoooort et après je va faire du skiiiiiii aye aye aye aye aye….

If you’ve been reading our blogging efforts for some time you’ll notice the recurring Brazilian bands, artists and tracks we feature. Yes, we have a soft-corner for all things Brazilian. Sorry. Hope you don’t mind as we will surely continue posting more in the VERY near future. Please head over and follow his social profiles (provided below the picture gallery) and trust us, Rodrigo Amarante (besides being über-famous on his home turf) is going to get plenty of attention, pretty soon here in Europe… Amarante has that great appeal for European markets you know. We’ve added the lyrics to “Tardei” and “Maná” below so our non-portuguese readers can some what follow and singalong with the rest of the cool kids.


Tardei, tardei,
mas cheguei enfim.
pra cada adeus
um nó
cada conta,
o fio do rosário que eu
vim banhar
pra lhe dar.

Tardei, tardei,
só na volta eu vi
qual senda me levou
qual me trouxe aqui
pra encontrar você,
onde está
o meu lugar.

desceu pelo rio
da terra pro mar
o fio de prata
que me leva

tardei, tardei,
que na vinda eu quis
pela primeira vez
nunca mais partir
esperar você
o meu lugar
onde está.

desceu pelo rio
da terra pro mar
o fio de prata
que me leva.



ê maná
hoje o ponto é pra cura de amor
ê maná ô Má
hoje a dança te quebra o feitiço

deixa a porta bater
deixa o vento levar
quem não desce a ribeira
não chega no mar
o amor é coragem
é feitiço da sorte
mas o ponto mais forte
é saber se amar

ê maná
hoje o ponto é pra cura de amor
ê maná ô Má
hoje a dança te quebra o feitiço

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