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Two weeks ago, while I was about to see the talented and genuine modern poet, Bertrand Belin at Le Grand Mix in Tourcoing, I got the great chance to meet this brilliant band from London, of rare kindness and of absolutely undeniable talent : Still Corners
Here’s a small comment by Le Grand Mix and an interview for Radio VNL (our partners in crime, click link to read article in French). And we let you discover here one of their most beautiful songs: “Berlin Lovers”

When one will analyse our time in few decades, one will realise how much people used to need dreaming. Still Corner’s dream pop, as Beach House’s one, is definitely in this vain. These Londoners, produced by Sub Pop label, has this talent to create otherworldly atmospheres and they definitely know how to make the smoothest pop songs ever.

Hit play and read on…

Hello, we met at “Le Grand Mix” in Tourcoing. Thank you very much for accepting our interview. So first things first, can you describe your band in a few words ?

Still Corners is a band that makes atmospheric pop music.  We want you to drift away with us.

Where did the name of the band come from ?

The name is taken from a poem by Robert Frost called New Hampshire.  Greg had a list of over 100 names for the band, none of them seemed right until he came across “Still Corners” in the poem, liked the images it evoked so went with that.

What did you think about this show in Tourcoing, the people, about Bertrand Belin and his musicians ?

We had such a great time at our show in Tourcoing.  Le Grand Mix is a wonderful venue, everyone there is very warm and welcoming.  I must admit we hadn’t heard of Bertrand Belin before our show but we really enjoyed his performance and he seemed like a very nice man.  We understand he was just starting a 35 date tour of France – hopefully we’ll be able to do that some day!

Did the show go exactly as you wanted ? Or there were some surprises, something you didn’t wait for ? Maybe you like this aspect ?

Every show is a little bit different which is part of what makes playing live so exciting!  This was the first show that we played with our drummer at the front of the stage but it worked well and I think we’ll be doing it again.

When we spoke together, you spoke about Paris and Le Silencio where you played the day before, can you speak more about this moment, crazy no ?

It was cool to be asked to play at Silencio, we’re all big fans of David Lynch and have talked about playing at his private club since it opened.  It was almost exactly as we’d expected – playing to a room of stylish Parisians sipping on champagne quietly enjoying our show.  After we played, things started getting pretty crazy…we’d definitely like to go back.

What are your plans for the months ahead ? When will you come back to the region of Lille ?

We have some shows booked over the next couple of months and will also be working on new songs…we’re not very good at having a rest.  I’m not sure when we’ll come back to the Lille region but I hope it’s not long as we have had such a good time both times that we have played there.  Hope to see you then!

Thank you very much for this interview and to be so generous during your shows.

Follow Still Corners on : Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Bandcamp

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