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Formely Plaid Dragon, now officially known as Ing is the sweetest alt-folk project you’ll hear this year from Springfield, Missouri with a spearheaded by Inge who is the creator of the music, as with a few very nice exceptions of collaboration, wrote all of the songs and arrangements (down to the drums on Dogs Are Aliens of which you can hear above) on the EP and upcoming full-length, and Ing delivers a blend of folk, mod-folk, ambient and alternative sound. Ing is one of those catchy indie voice that produces music that easily gets stuck in one’s head. Makes me think of a slightly less hippie version of Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, much less hippie in actual fact…

A special mention to Inge’s cray cray vocal work on this EP. Loving it to bits. They’ve just released a new track for all of you beautiful people, it’s called : “Dogs Are Aliens” . Check it out.

“Dog Physics” is an exquisitely shivery blend of many elements that brings goose-bumps and above all a more humid bluesy brand of Plaid Dragon, a sound both ancient and modern, with beautifully intertwined harmonies and guitar parts behind the spectral melodies…

“Dog Physics” was released on 9th November 2012.

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