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Opening Act

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Live Report

King Krule, 19 years of age, was supporting his newly dropped album 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. His cold, dark and brooding voice is what hits your senses first. Because nothing else will. You see a frail, auburn-haired chap with freckles, fitted out in overly large Marks & Spencers 3 piece suit (same goes for his bandmates). It acts as a decoy. Some trickery. Because as soon as he approaches the microphone, you sit on the edge of your seat eagerly waiting, what kind of sound will belt out from this skinny body.

He manages to be captivating, yet stays kind of distant all at the same time. Weird shivers run through. His tracks are a really smart blend of minimal Indie-Rock, with dashes here and there of Jazz and Electronic beats. But the seller here is of course his distinctive voice. Highlight of the concert yesterday was “Rock Bottom” :

King Krule – Rock Bottom

Despite a noisy crowd who were obviously high on some kind of glue, yes absolutely predictable, they were dead young, I’d say sixteen tops. Archy Marshall, his civil denomination, delivered a set filled with emotions, from airy ballads, to soulful pastures via jazz and electro and decidedly more urban settings. He leaves a light depressing state of mind. Just like you’d feel when your Cadbury chocolate bar nears its fate, you know. I would of enjoyed the act in a more intimate setting maybe. La Cigale in Paris was sold out as you would expect… But King Krule shines in small, decent sized venues. Venues with civilized people inside.

Tour Dates

MARCHÉ GARE Lyon, France
MAGNOLIA Milan, MI, Italy
ATOMIC CAFE Munich, Germany
HEIMATHAFEN Berlin, Germany
PUMPEHUSET Copenhagen, Copenhagen Region, Denmark
DEBASER STRAND Stockholm, Sweden

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