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Hey people, we have an artist we already introduced to you back in April 2013 ! She’s called Disa, hails from the north, originally born in Iceland, but now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Disa Jakobs is her real name. She has put out a rather somber new track called “Sculptures” and is set to take the world for quite the journey with her haunting vocals. Akin to Thom Yorke, Björk-like with what we’d call an ethereal R&B style of voice over saturated and well crafted electronic layers, she pulls a rather interesting mixture of feelings out to that microphone. You can stream the track (above) and keep an eye for Disa‘s EP early next year (2015)… We’ll be keeping you informed for sure.

Her music very much resembles the traits/character of where she comes from, the landscapes, mountains, volcanos etc. Just like Aquilo got influenced by the Lake District in the UK really. Disa from Iceland draws inspirations from the land she grew up on. The cold, unforgiving nature of Iceland. However cold the land is, her voice on the other hand is dipped in warmth… Always on the edge. Waiting for an eruption.

She recently signed to Tigerspring, a Danish record label, and has already quite some mileage under her belt in terms of who she played with. Known, and unknown artists. She is 25 years old and eager to explore the limits of pop music and cites influences such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Brian Eno and Fever Ray.

Finally listen to her song “Stones” below and grasp the full extend of how serious she is to make in the music industry. That girl is talented.

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